>>>>¡Caution!<<<>>>¡SPOILERS!<<<< f0o0r ZAHADA, the hardest online riddle online!!! <<<<>>>> This may sap some of your enjoyment of the game so answers are hidden and hints are given to the puzzled. Oh well.


majuscules + minuscules =
hearts + spades + diamonds + clubs =
number of weeks in a year =

Most people would’ve start cursing wordsearches by now xD

The Usual Hint:




The Answer!


majuscules + minuscules = 52
hearts + spades + diamonds + clubs = 52
number of weeks in a year = 52

Just connect the dots like the hint above:





Comments on: "Level 76: Another Wordsearch?!" (2)

  1. so what is the answer cause no offence, but this is no help whatsoever

    • Hi daisy, all answers are at the bottom of each question. For every question that I post, a number of hints are given and the answer and explanation is given under the hints, written in white. To view them, simply highlight the space below the answer. The first word below “Answer: ” is the answer itself.

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